Why the Denver Broncos should rebuild 


    It has been a little over two years since the Denver Broncos won the Superbowl. The team had future hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning at the helm. His play wasn’t the best play of his career but the dominating “No Fly Zone” defense was able to cover the holes left by the offense. 

    Alot can happen in two years. The Broncos coming off there only losing season under John Elway as an Executive. As we all know, Elway is not used to losing. He has a total of 23 seasons in the NFL. Starting as a player in 1983 and having a 16 year career were he only recorded two losing seasons. Now as a Broncos executive, he has seven seasons under his belt with 2017 being the only losing season he has produced. 

    Can a player really be missed that much? Since Peyton Manning has been gone, the Broncos have been playing the not so fun game called the quarterback carousel. With three main participants. Trevor, Brock, and Paxton. The defense is aging and key players have been traded, released or have been injured. So the question is, are the Broncos a QB away from being a contender again or is it time to rebuild? 

    The Broncos currently have 26.8 M in cap space. Rumors are that the wide receiver duo of Sanders and Thomas won’t come back next year. More than likely only one of them will be a Bronco next year. If this happens, it will open even more cap space. Aqib Talib has also been rumoured to be on the chopping block. Which again, if released it would bring up more cap space.

    What’s the life line for the Broncos this off-season? Kirk Cousins a 30 year old quarterback, which Denver appears to be out of the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes. Demarius Thomas and a few no name receivers, and an aging defense? Sometimes you need to play your cards right, and fold. Wait your turn.

    The Patriots and the Steelers only have a few more years if any with there elite QBs. And more than likely they will have to start looking at the dark and ugly road of rebuilding themselves. The AFC West will soon also see the departure of veteran Phillip Rivers. The Raiders and the Chiefs are just getting younger with Derek Carr and Patrick Mahomes at quarterback. With this being said, the Broncos would be wise to load up on draft picks, open up more cap space and prepare for the 2020 season and beyond. 

    The best bet for the Mile High City is to start the rebuilding process