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The roughing the passer rule needs to change


The NFL instituted a new rule this off season dealing with roughing the passer. The league has now made it a penalty of the defenders body weight lands on the passer. It is intended to prevent the hits that break collarbones like the Anthony Barr’s hit on Aaron Rodgers last year. This addition to the rule has faced a lot of push back as many believe the league over corrected and has made the league too soft. This was highlighted over the first 3 weeks when Clay Matthews had roughing the passer penalties in each game. None more important than the hit on Kirk Cousins that gave the Vikings a second chance. In fact the rule has had the opposite effect as Dolphins d-lineman William Hayes torn his ACL trying to keep his body weight off Derek Carr. The competition committee has arranged a meeting to discuss the rule. The rule was well intentioned and good on paper but in reality it’s impossible for a defender to take his weight off the quarterback.