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Rockets Might Make an Insane Deal!


We all have been hearing news about Timberwolves star, Jimmy Butler, being very hostile to his team and begging for a trade . Well it might finally happen. The Rockets, one of the best teams last season, must see obvious potential in Butler. The Rockets are discussing if they should offer 4 first round draft picks for Jimmy. The Rockets average age for the team is 30 years old, making the team more season veterans then young ballers. If the potential they see on Jimmy must be high because they are risking the future of their organization with this move. If the Rockets offer Minnesota with this trade offer for Butler, they are expecting to win a lot of championships in the coming years. If they do not win any championship with Butler, this move for him will go down in NBA history as one of the worst trades ever. This also is leaving their future vulnerable. I guess we will see in the coming years if this was the smartest but riskiest move ever or if it was an utterly stupid one.