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Questionable Offseason for the Rays


The Tampa Bay Rays have to answer questions for Rays fans, themselves, and baseball people all around. To kick off the season, the front office made some moves to gain depth, such as trading for Joey Wendle and Ryan Schimpf. This told fans that they were ready to compete for a playoff spot. With a roster that had been riddled with injuries, the off-season started as a time to be ready to compete. And then December 20th rolled around: the day the Rays traded the face of their franchise, Evan Longoria, for prospects and a veteran outfielder in Denard Span.

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This signaled a different time for the Rays and their fans. It was all quiet in the month of January, but when the calendar changed to February, it went downhill fast. The first move was 2017 All-Star and heart of the order hitter Corey Dickerson being DFA’d. This was a questionable move because Dickerson is still under team control for two more years. The team then responded by trading Jake Odorizzi to the Twins for a young shortstop prospect. Odorizzi is a solid middle of the rotation guy who can be helpful for a playoff run.

Next comes the acquisition of Cj Cron, which would be a great move if it didn’t follow the tear down of a solid roster. The latest trade involved moving Steven Souza to the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Rays are a very young team who has now gotten younger by the way of their teardown and acquisitions of prospects. They may have been doing this to get experience from young guys and also plan for a big upcoming off-season.

By: Dustin Ferguson