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How Paul George is Shaking Up the League


Author: Derik Brace (@DerikBrace)

Everybody knew that before this offseason was over with, Paul George would more than likely be in another uniform. But nobody ever thought he would be in a Thunder jersey. What does this mean for OKC? Well, it adds another weapon that Russell Westbrook can use to combat the heavily loaded Western Conference. But even with the addition of this summer’s biggest prize, it still isn’t enough to even sniff competing with the Warriors. If the Thunder want to become a real force in the West they have to keep building. They need to start by clearing up their cap space by shopping their two overpaid big men in Steven Adams and Enes Kanter and try to hunt for a better option. Maybe before the summer ends they could build a Big 3 of some sorts to compete in the Golden State-ruled conference.

What does this mean for the rest of the league? Well the only teams it really helps are the middle of the pack teams in the Eastern Conference. By losing their best player, along with Jeff Teague, the Pacers are basically done and over with. With this happening, a playoff spot opens up and that means there is an opportunity for another team to make it into the playoff picture. Joel Embid took to Twitter after the trade, mentioning that playoff spots keep opening, referring to the PG trade and the dismantling of the Bulls that’s been happening over the start of this offseason. After all of this being said will Paul George, Russ, and the rest of OKC be a force in the West – or will this mean nothing by the time the playoffs come around next year?