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How Ohio State can be the first two loss team to make the Playoff

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After Ohio State was beaten soundly by Oklahoma in week 2, it seemed that the Buckeyes were done unless major changes were made.

OSU was then right back in the playoff chase after six straight victories, including a 39-38 come from behind win over undefeated Penn State.

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The following week, though, the Buckeyes were severely outplayed by the Iowa Hawkeyes. Turnovers, poor play calling, and bad defensive play resulted in a 55-24 loss.

The Buckeyes’ Playoff chances are gone, right?

Not so fast.

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Ohio State came out this past week with a 48-3 thrashing of #12 Michigan State. Although the Scarlet and Gray have two losses, here’s how they can become the first team to make the Playoff with two losses:

  • Ohio State wins out (knocking out Wisconsin)
  • Alabama wins out (knocking out Georgia and Auburn)
  • Oklahoma wins out (knocking out Oklahoma State and TCU)
  • Miami wins out (knocking out Clemson)

Alabama, Miami, and Oklahoma would be shoe-ins for the Playoff, and Ohio State would be the most attractive candidate for the fourth spot because of its 4 quality wins (vs. Penn State, vs. Michigan State, at Michigan, vs. Wisconsin) and its Big Ten Championship.

This leaves the CFP with:

1) Alabama vs. 4) Ohio State

2) Miami vs. 3) Oklahoma

A lot needs to go right for Ohio State to return to the Playoff, but, as 2014 taught the college football world, never count out the Buckeyes.