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Lonzo’s Recovery


As the former second overall pick of the 2017 season, people expected a lot from Ball. His unorthodox way of shooting looked ugly but go the job done, in college at least. Ball shot just 36% on the court and just 30.5% behind the arc last season. As Lonzo started the season, his debut looked like his worst game ever and scared the Lakers franchise. As Ball averaged 10.2 PPG, 6.9 RPG, and 7.2 APG, he wasn’t a complete bust but he wasn’t what he looked like in college and what the franchise hoped he would be. Although he still had his amazing passing abilities and court vision, his best attribute, shooting, seemed to disappear once he arrived in the NBA. As Lonzo has recently underwent through surgery, his shooting form has changed and looks cleaned up, looking like a normal everyday jump shot. As he hopes that this season will be better then last and hoping that they can get a winning record this year. The future looks bright for this young baller and under the mentorship of LeBron, he could develop into a real threat.