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Is LeBron Getting too Old?


LeBron James enters his 15th NBA season as a Laker and people are starting to wonder, is LeBron getting too old for this game?James has had an extremely good career as a basketball player. As he recently went to the Lakers, there is a lot of controversy about his age. LeBron is 33 years old right now which is decently old for a basketball star (Kobe Bryant retired at the age of 37, with a 20 year long career which LeBron is predicted to do also), but if LeBron has taught us anything since the years he has been playing, anything is possible if LeBron is involved. In LeBron’s debut with the Lakers, he shows us that he is aging like a fine wine, only getting better as his age gets higher. In this debut he had 9 points, 3 assist, and 3 rebounds in just 12 minutes of play. The fans of the Lakers are excited to see this. They see LeBron has the golden light at the end of the tunnel. James might just show us once again why he should be the GOAT.