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How Is Cleveland Doing With No LeBron?


As LeBron has moved to the Lakers and took his legacy with him leaves us to wonder, how are the cavs doing without him. The truth is, they are struggling. They are 0-2 (most likely 0-3 seeing how they are playing Minnesota) truth is the are struggling to find the player that can take a little bit of James’ old position. Kevin Love is trying his very best to fill it leading the team in scoring (by 23 PPG). Love was a former superstar when he was with the Timber wolves but seemed, as if, LeBron told him to not score as much because he was on the team. Now that he left, Love is just starting to get his touches down. He could be a legit contender towards the end of the season. As we will keep watching, it will be interesting to see who steps up to the role and who, even Kevin, can change this team for the better.