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Attention Cleveland Fans: RELAX


Author – Derik Brace (@DerikBrace)

With the NBA offseason just heating up, we can already see that the Cavs started off on the wrong foot. With the recent departure of GM David Griffin, and the disappointment of Kevin Love’s trade value, most fans look at it and want to think the worst. Also, it doesn’t help that there have been rumors about LeBron leaving once again.

But with all of this, the Cavs and the whole city of Cleveland need to relax and think with a bit of optimism. They still have the best overall player, coach, and GM on the planet in LeBron James. Because of him, there are plenty of veterans around the league that would love to take a pay cut to join this team and automatically become a title contender.

Alongside LeBron in Cleveland is Kyrie Irving, who is one of the top point guards in the league. The scary thing is, Kyrie hasn’t even reached his prime. He has unlimited potential and it’s crazy to think of what he can accomplish. Also, with the reliability of Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson, the Cavs are still the favorite in the East. The only thing stopping them from achieving glory again is the Warriors, and with their dwindling cap space, there’s not much more room left for improvement.

Another team that factors into this rivalry is none other than the Chicago Bulls. Yeah, that’s right, the team that just traded off its best player can factor into the result of the next NBA season. How so? Well, with the Bulls going into full tank mode, they still have one decent piece who may still have a few good years left in him – Dwyane Wade. Wade, whose contract buyout is a viable option for the Bulls, could very well be on the move this season. After the buyout, and millions of dollars accumulated over his career, he might be ready to take a pay cut in order to chase another ring. Some people might think this is a long shot, but there might not be a better option for D-Wade. He has the opportunity to play for another championship with one of the best teams in the game, and the best player on the planet, who also happens to be his best friend.

This is why the offseason is one of my favorite parts of the NBA. Title hopes are built, the faces of franchises are changed, and legacies are turned completely around for better or for worse. After these past couple of weeks, Cleveland fans might think this offseason is going downhill, but never underestimate LeBron and the unexpected nature of the NBA.